I find lately that being happy is sometimes more of a determination than a feeling. If I am determined to live life happy instead of waiting for that feeling to … Continue Reading →

The beauty within

It seems that life is an endless series of lessons.  Life teaches us about ourselves and how to related to our fellow humans and most of all how to love. … Continue Reading →

Tempest the fisherman

While taking a moment to relax and have a cup of coffee this morning I witnessed Tempest as she fished.  Climbing high into the air, she would suddenly pause and … Continue Reading →

A visit from a friend

Today my friend Lodi stopped by to say “hello”.  She is so refreshing in her honest approach to everything in life.  I think everyone should have a friend that is … Continue Reading →

Friends & Family

Friendships in my life are interesting, but not necessarily easy.  I try to relax and enjoy them for what they are.  Rew comes and goes easily and he has a … Continue Reading →


The dragons of Risen are big, beautiful and richly endowed with wisdom.  They communicate with the humans they have bonded with telepathically.  Although they are completely devoted to their human … Continue Reading →


Freecurrent is a form of magic.  It incorporates energy gathered from anything and everything by someone with the capability to do so.  It’s complicated.  More on freecurrent later.

Lightning Gate

The lightning gate is a magical doorway between worlds.  Constellations can be seen through the gate indicating the destination.  There is a specific order to the rotation of the constellations … Continue Reading →


Risen is much like Earth in that it is a green and blue planet.  Size and rotation are very similar so time remains relatively parallel between the two worlds.  There … Continue Reading →