Risen is much like Earth in that it is a green and blue planet.  Size and rotation are very similar so time remains relatively parallel between the two worlds.  There are several different races that inhabit the main continent on Risen.  The human population congregates in two major communities which include Saberville in the north and Brightening in the south.  Brightening is ruled by the Wingmaster family with Theo Wingmaster serving as king.  Saberville is ruled by the Landtamer family with Serek Landtamer reigning as king.  Serek is married to Theo’s sister Kristina.  Theo is married to Jessabelle the White.  She is a kendrite.


The kendrites are a race of shape-changers.  Their genetic make-up allows them to transform into four different forms:  human, eagle, dolphin or wolf.  The kendrites occupy the Village of Colordale on the southeast coast of Risen.


Just to the north of them live the torgs.  The torgs are gentle giants consisting mostly of farmers, hunters and fishermen.  They are very in tune with nature and the land.  Farreach is their dwelling place between the Farreach Mountains and the western coastal cliffs.  There is a beautiful valley with an ice blue lake where many of the torgs make their home.  A short climb from there is the village square where the community often gathers for great feasts and celebrations.  Within the base of the mountain a great cavern houses other members of the great torg nation, including their leader Rocnor Vengar who is good and just.


Toward the center of Risen is the Skyview Mountain Range where members of the banderg race live under the mountain.  Bandergs are a long-lived people that are not quite human, but smaller and tougher.  They are very family oriented and skilled craftsmen.

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