A visit from a friend

shutterstock_114568717Today my friend Lodi stopped by to say “hello”.  She is so refreshing in her honest approach to everything in life.  I think everyone should have a friend that is brutally honest–someone who is willing to lay it on the line when thoughts or feelings or actions have drifted from the center or one’s truth.  It happens.  There are mornings that I wake up and cannot shake or lift the heaviness that has set upon me.  Being a woman, hormones play a vital role in mood.  My mood this morning was not light and when Lodi arrived with her bright sunny self I began a chorus of woes.  She listened quietly and patiently.  With a smile she suggested a walk on the beach.

We strolled in silence for a long time before Lodi gently reminded me of the many blessings that grace my life.  Before long we were laughing and playing in the warm surf.  My burdens were not as heavy as they had seemed earlier.  It’s good to have friends that lift you up.  I am very blessed.

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