Tempest the fisherman

fireWhile taking a moment to relax and have a cup of coffee this morning I witnessed Tempest as she fished.  Climbing high into the air, she would suddenly pause and rotate her body until she dropped head-first into the waves.  Coming back up again she always and a big fat fish clenched in her teeth which she quickly devoured.  Water poured from her face and body in glistening streams as she extended her wings once again and repeated the procedure.  Over and over again she plummeted and came up with her treasure.  She called to me after she was satiated and said, “Would you like me to bring you a fish, Jesse?  They are very yummy!”  

How thoughtful.  “No sweetie.  Thank you, but I’ve had my breakfast.  Do you want to go on a trip today?” I asked.

“Yes.  A trip would be nice.  Where are we going?” she asked.

“To see Kaltog.  Would you like that?”

“Oh yes.  They feed me very well there.  Let’ go now,” she said, brimming with excitement.

“Soon.  Take a nap and then we’ll go,” I said.  I needed to conduct some business at Farreach and looked forward as well to the good company and relaxed atmosphere.  The torgs were masters of hospitality.  Usually they had a big communal campfire and spent the evening in easy conversation.  I loved to go there and always left feeling loved.

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